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Friday, October 16, 2009

These days and "YOU"

This poem carries a different view from Anish's poem "These days and I"....actually I read his poem but cudn't cum to terms with all his views....so I decided I wud rather potray my own views through this poem!

You need to grow up sometime
But you can't let it go!
You can't forget the past you left
No matter how much you grow.

Time does flow like a river tide,
And you are a voyager with no one to guide,
So look for a land, with hope in your heart,
'Live in your times' and try to be smart.

But, you cant let go
The ordeals of past
The experiences you gathered
To align the mast.
So 'sing your songs'
And of Dylan alike
For what is good,
You have right to like.

Its not all guts
That makes you a man
Don't go by your impulse
But make a plan

Its easier to say than 'asking her out'
Hold back and think twice if you have a doubt.
Love is not war that you'll have to fight
Just wait and watch, it'll come to you right!!

Love is a friendship
That changes its form
It happens with a few
Its not a norm.
So 'damn your doubts'
Is utterly bullshit
Hope u got my point
And caught the drift.

What does 'straight' means
In generation x??
Your sexual bent, or,
y equals mx??

If you're not straight, the boys get nerved!!
What do u expect them, to call you "curved"???
They would laugh and rather say
If you're not straight, you're "gay"!!

Call them homophobes
Or whatever you like!!
They'd like a 'girl'
On the back of their bike.
They'll act as dude
Like Tony Montana
They'll curse you out,
But watch DOSTANA!!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Deep Voice of the lonely night!

Dreams are too good, they are beautiful! They come when you are sleeping! But what if, if u can't fall asleep and you lie awake late at night with nothing to wonder!! Well, that wonders me a lot! You generally have lots of thoughts running in the back of your mind, those may be melodramatic, enjoyable, tragic, thrilling, watever!

Such was one night a few days back, I was lying awake in the night and I asked, "Am I good?...Am I honest??" Then suddenly, from the dark, a deep voice answered, "Are u serious??"...

Me: What the hell!! [holding the torch in my hand]..Just freeze and don't try to move..ok??...

Deep voice: Hey jerk, Calm down...I'm not a thief or a burglar..!!

Me: Then who are you??...And what the hell are u doing in my room??..And, By the way, where 'are' u?? [searching the whole room with the torch on...but cudn't find a shit!]

Deep voice: You can't see me boy! I'm just a voice, rather your inner voice, the voice of your conscience!!

Me: Ohh really??....So, what r you doing late at this night in my room...Mr conscience...or voice or watever??!!

Deep Voice: Nothing much...Just a regular night shift duty!! Trying to solve the enigma of your mystified subconscious mind!

Me: That's impressive! You said regular night duty!! But I have never seen..,ohh sry, I mean heard you before! Where in this big round world were you all these days??

Deep Voice: I was always with you..it was you who cudn't realise my presence!! Today, you must have done something...something unusual, that made you feel my presence...and hear my voice!

[I quickly ran through my memory to search for that unusual thing!! And guess wat...I finally found it!! ]

Me: Ohhh..so you mean to say that pegs of whiskey and the bottle of beer made me feel your presence??...Hey, am I buzzed??!!..[holding my head with my hand..!!]

Deep Voice: Yes boy, u r buzzed..!! And thats why you can feel my presence...that's why most of the people drink....to know the truth...to solve their riddles of their lyf in an ultimate melancholy!

Me: Ohh, so Mr Made-easy......just answer me...."How am I?...good, bad, crazy?.."..and say the truth..I'm not going to knock you off! [just a figure of speech...how can you knock off anyone whom u can't even see!!]

Deep Voice: Hmmm...Tough nut to crack!!...U think u r good but U're not that good either...my dear boy...!!

Me: Where have I gone wrong?

Deep voice: This is going to take more than one night!!...nxt question plzz..!! [chuckling with his resonating voice!..]

Me: Being Diplomatic huh??...[feeling lyk grabbing his throat!!] Ok, tell me y don't people love me!! [Trying to place the same question the other way round!]

Deep Voice: That's crap! There are many people who loves u....cares for u!

Me: Really??...But I dont have a girlfriend unlyk many of my friends...??..So wats the reason for it?

Deep Voice: Sorry to say you buddy, but u r not destined to have a girlfriend by now! You r not that lucky!!

Me: But why me??

Deep Voice: Nothing personal... your name just happened to come up!

Me: I knew it!! There's something supernatural that holding me from getting me committed! And you are one of them...u suck man!!

Deep Voice: You were sent to this world for something else..definitely not for wasting your time and money behind your girl friend!..And...Its you who have to find and discover the purpose of your lyf...the purpose with which God has sent you!

Me: Ohh, that's a consolation, ryt!!??...You said u r always there with me, so y do I need to find my purpose..You r omniscient aren't you??....
Coming back to the girlfrnd issue..if I propose ________[not mentioning her name]...surely you know about that girl, you say she'll not accept it??

Deep Voice: Do you think I'm her mind reader?? I said u r not destined to have a gf now, so if u really lyk to get your so long friendship get pissed off, go ahead...no one's stopping u!!

Me: You r right man!!...you do have a point!! But I will!!....I will propose her!!...not today!! But Tomorrow!!....and if she accepts...I am gonna kick your butt so hard that u'll never be able to sit in your whole lyf..!!

Deep Voice: Ohh dear..u' re scaring me!!....I said what I know...what I felt lyk...!!

Me: Ok.. ok...I know...just wait for tomorrow and see..!! Ohh by the way, do you think barca's gonna win the league this season depriving bloody madrids!!??

Deep Voice: I know what u r thinking......but my boy, idea of planting land mines in Santiago Bernabeu is utter bullshit!!

Me: Mighty spirited character u r...I must say!!.....Do you think Anish is Gay??

Deep Voice:Basically... it depends on how 'you' look at him!!

Me: Then I think he's straight!!...no...he's gay..no....damn it!! ohh...Mr nobody, ....Something's 'bout my career! How will I get above 8.5? shambo, susmit,supratim...they're all getting much above 8.5!!

Deep Voice: Very simple....u have 2 choices...either read hard...or work hard to make a superb chit! your choice!!

Me: ohh...my conscience....u're provocating me to adopt unfair means??....

Deep Voice: Hey, I am not to be blamed!!....It was your thought....it is your mind!! I just reflected it!!

Me: Ahhh.....f*** off....dont talk lyk my mom....she always finds fault in me!!She even doesn't let me stay up late at night and play counter strike!!

Deep Voice: She tells u for your good, u jerk....!!! She points out your faults so that u can mend them and move forward in your life!! She forces u to sleep so that u don't get ill and damage your health!!

Me: Yeah...u r so correct...!!...Dats why you can't stay among us...u have to remain abstract...!!...But ...What the hell r u doing ryt now...u r staying me up late at this night...just listen to mom and go to sleep...Enough of your nonsense...

Deep Voice: Its not me who is staying you awake....it's your queries that making 'me' stay up with you....but if you insist I shall leave...

Me: For God's sake...don't be so formal...it doesn't suit you!!....By the way....where do you stay during the day!!??......
Answer me!!...idiot..!! ohh..Plzz....dont tell me u r gone.....where r u??....
Shit...I didn't mean to hurt u buddy!! I still have got a lot of questions.......come back...plzz!!
Ohh.....my eyes...they're hurting me!!....Yawnn!!....my eyelids r are so damn heavy!!..nooo...I have to stay awake...I have to call him!! hav to call him.....call em.....cal m....cal...............

After that,I went to sleep...The sleep I hated the most...I wish it had never come..I needed to ask few more questions.....After that day I never heard him again....I still lie awake at night trying hard to concentrate and listen to that old deep voice...but he never calls.....

May be I wud have to spend 55bucks per peg of whisky and get buzzed to see him back..... :) I swear...I didn't even proposed her!!...You were so right!! Dude, I miss You a lot!!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why "Shouldn't" we quit smoking!!

"Smoking is injurious to health"...and I give a damn!! Learn its good effects and keep smoking!

Few weeks back i read an article on Rony's blog..."Why can't we quit smoking" and it influenced me so much that today with reference to that article I would like to mention some benefits of smoking cigarettes which I guess many of us do not know..!!

Basically, I like to smoke and of course I didn't start smoking after going thro such rigorous investigations on the benefits of smoking. I think smoking is really enjoyable and I think it feels great!!... But some non-smokers always keep nagging about the harmful effects of smoking and force me to quit..! But they don't know...that somehow, behind the curtain, smoking is affecting my life for good!!...Altho, they say, it decrease your lifespan...still...I do not want to be a dementia sufferer living for years as a burden on others!!..ok, Enough of lectures, lets now focus on the benefits of smoking...

1. Smoking provides pleasure in terms of euphoria and, of course, reduced withdrawal symptoms from those addicted to nicotine.

2. Smoking produces decreased tension and an anxiolytic effect – a tranquilising effect and reduced muscle tension. It implies Nesbitt’s paradox - smoking generates physiological and psychological changes normally thought of as incompatible, namely increased arousal and awareness with decreased stress. It stimulates concentration but keeps you calm. A great combination!

3. Nicotine probably helps ADHD sufferers reduce their ‘attentional deficits’.

4. Smoking probably reduces problems associated with Alzheimer’s disease and perhaps schizophrenia.

5. Higher nicotine cigarettes produce greater improvements in information processing than low nicotine cigarettes.

6. Smoking improves motor performance. - "0530. London University, Institute of Psychiatry."

7. Smokers have less plaque and more tooth mobility than non-smokers.

8. Smokers have lower incidence of postoperative deep vein thrombosis than non smokers.

9. Hypertension is less common among smokers.

10. High blood pressure and postpartum hemorrhage are less common among smokers.

11. RBCs [red blood cells] from cigarette smokers contain more glutathione and catalase and protect lung endothelial cells against O2 [dioxide] metabolites better than RBCs from nonsmokers.

12. Smoking protects against Parkinson’s disease.

13. Nonsmokers and especially ex-smokers of cigarettes have greater risk of UC [ulcerative colitis]

14. Smoking also acts as an appetite suppressant by reducing the desire for sweet food and carbohydrates.

Thats all I could gather for my article and I think Its enough..!!!...isn't it?? Ya, You might say that there are many more points against smoking...but still...Whilst I appreciate that smoking is not for everyone I think it is a reasonable lifestyle choice for those who choose to enjoy, recognizing the risks involved.

To know more.......KEEP SMOKING!!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

8 Things About Me

I got tagged by Anish in his post so here goes:

8 TV shows I love to watch:

1. Football matches - From EPL to Spanish la liga, I enjoy watching the football games immensely....specially Barca matches..they keep me glued to the tv set.
2. Sa-re-ga-ma-pa li'l Champs - The reality show that keep me humming for 1hr as I hear the talented little kids of nearly half my age, singing so beautifully and performing like pro-s... They are really God gifted talents.
3. Tom and Jerry-Don't watch them regularly, but I'm a big fan of the show...!!
4. Sports Centre - The most updated sports news coverage of any tv channel...!!
5. Cricket matches - From ashes to 20-20, I love to follow the game!!
6. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai - the best comedy serial I hav ever seen. Too Good man.!!
7. Tarak Maheta Ka Ulta Chashma - Not a prolific viewer of the serial...but still I like it a lot.!!
8. Movie Channels - Go on surfing channels, till I find a good movie to watch....n most of the tyms I end up seeing the same movies over n over again!!


1.DEFINITELY HOME-My mom is a good cook.... N love her dishes the most.
2.Banzara Restaurant-In Jadavpur...actually its the restaurant where we frnds generally throw our party in...n its the place where I had already spent big sum of money on my birthdays :P
3.Hatari - In triangular park, the common man's restaurant...it serves u good food in less price.
4.Madhuri - The road side restaurant, just few steps away from my house...
5.Arsalan - The Biriyani specialist...located at the park circus crossing...!
6.Monginis - Good place to satisfy my short hunger n some tyms others.
7.Crystal Chopsticks - The restaurant at Gariahat...where we skul frnds generally have our dinner during pujas.
8. Mashir Dokan - Located just opposite to our college, its the place where I generally have luchi n tarkari during brk tym.

8 things that happened yesterday:

1. Had to wake up only in the morning and had to stand all the way to the college in an immensely congested ST6!!
2. Got irritated as rest of the college except our department were enjoying the tym sitting at home!!
3. Got angry over Rony and cursed him a lot as he took the seat next to the window in the bus!!
4. Took revenge on Rony by firing him up with ak47 and mavericks in counter strike game late in the night!! :)
5. Heard Anish's tragedy over gtalk and told him to move on....
6. Helped a skul frnd with a C-program over the phone...
7. Talked to Shambo and exchanged some tips regarding our future career.
8. Got rebuked by my father for chatting late in the night and went to sleep lyk a good boy!!


1. Starting in the 1st 11 of our clg team tomorrow and scoring atleast a goal.
2. Winning the final of our college football tournament.
3. Barcelona winning the La Liga and the Champions’ League.
4. Wrap up the SRS of our new project by nxt 3-4 weeks.
5. Writing few articles in this blog, atleast once a week.
6. Enjoying the puja with my frnds and family to the utmost.
7. Hanging out with my clg frnds at China Town after the internals.
8. Watching a really good movie in any hall.


1. Sleeping late at morning.
2. Enjoying the warmth under a quilt in the night.
3. oranges.
4. Christmas cakes.
5. Evenings come early.
6. Scenic Beauty.
7. New Year diaries.
8. Semester End Holidays.


1. Buying a lot of PC games.
2. Dvds of my favourite movies.
3. A resort in switzerland.
4. An mp3 player.
5. A wardrobe full of casulas and formals.
6. Buying a Mercedes Benz for myself.
7. Getting my laptop repaired.
8. A computer with enough graphics memory so I can play any damn game.


1. Football.
2. Painting.
3. Games.
4. Music.
5. Food.
6. Day Dreaming.
7. Blogging.
8. lazing around.


1. Bye.
2. ebaba
3. byapok
4. fuck off
5. dhuss
6. jioh
7. bhaat
8. babago


1. Dont believe in some one blindly no matter how his/her testimonials go.
2. Rely on time...it tells you wats good n wats bad.
3. School life is the best time of your life.
4. Don't mention the name of your pets infront of your friends...they'r gonna ruin your reputation.
5. Keep away from gays...or you're gonna get tagged as a gay.
6. Stick to your passion and believe in yourself...you are sure to succeed.
7. Dont judge a person by his looks (its kinda old saying altho)
8. Sucess makes you look good.


1. Paris
2. Germany.
3. Mandarmani. (Hope I get as lucky as Rony..)
4. Rajasthan.
5. Barcelona.
6. The entire South India.


1. Kill Anish for making me write such a long post. :P
2. A spell that will make me score goals for my team regularly.
3. A graphics card and a Ram
4. Cash in hand.
5. A football to practice.
6. Fried rice, chilli chicken and hilsa fish...(Rony's having all 3 of them to eat today)
7. A cycle to roam about. (my dad's never gonna buy me a bike)
8. A set of earphones for my cell phone.


1. Rony
2. Anish
3. Sayantan
4. Arnab Banerjee
5. Eddie.
6. My Didi
7. Gargi di
8. Any one who feels lyk writing this piece of **** in his/her own blog.

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